S3 Development, as a company, has seen many changes to the form and function of SCADA systems in the past two decades.  While we have changed with the technology, we have kept one principal idea, and that is mutual involvement with our customers during all our projects.  In order to avoid delays and cost over runs, we involve our customers during every step of development and implementation. 

S3 approaches a project with the mindset of migration path.  The days of proprietary software and communication protocol are becoming a thing of the past.  We are migrating to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) software systems, which follows our original object architecture that we are noted for.

By combining strict security practices with controlled objects, a secure SCADA system is obtainable and manageable providing high availability and reliability all with simplicity.

High reliability and Cyber security is in the forefront of everyone's minds.  S3 Development has been addressing those concerns for our customers for over the last decade.  Keeping up with the latest technology and standards information can be daunting, and time consuming.  Keeping abreast of the newest technology is the most important service provided for our customers.