Our Company

S3 Development has gone through many stages in the 30 years we have been in business.

We started in the Defense industry with contracts from Raytheon and Loral.  When the defense industry became unstable in the early 90's, we directed our focus to the Utility sector.  The Water sector were our first customers, which lead the way to Natural Gas LDC's.  We broke new ground by automating the integration of Bristol Babcock 3305 RTU's with Proficy iFix (previously known as Intellution) and installed our solution into a majority of the Natural Gas LDC's in New England.

When Bristol decided to replace the 3508's with a product that did not have a migration path, we decided that it was in the best intrest to our customers to research a different product.  After researching many different products, we are now using the GE RX3i because of it's object oriented modules.