Supportable Systems and Software is the undertone for the abbreviation S3. Since our inception, we have always felt customer involvement is the only way to system ownership by the customer.

System ownership is the only way to system supportability. 

To this day, we strongly encourage our customers to be involved and understand the system prior to delivery. Many customers only utilize training and/or consulting services for this reason in opposition to total turnkey integration. We also understand that internal resources are not always available in this evolving market. Below is a summary of services available.


  • System Design and Configuration

  • On-Site Start-Up Assistance

Communication Technology

  • Fully meshed MPLS with unlimited redundancy

  • Network Monitoring and Diagnostics


  • System Maintenance

  • Security

  • Drive Imaging

  • Databases Backup and Restoral

  • Recipes

  • File Synchronization

  • Network Troubleshooting

Complete Integration

  • Turnkey Installation coupled with post install Training